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01/09/2014: Finally, the time has come! My new website is online!

It took a fairly long period of time, but the result is more than worth it.

First, find out who could and would like to make it. Then decide what is should look like. Not so easy for an indecisive person...Read More »


A lot of things happened in the last 6 months! Besides really good results at show, and a wonderful hunting season, there’s one thing constantly on my mind…

On the 26th of November, I had to say goodbye to Yukon and Yggr. It is so hard to let go two...Read More »

Looking forward to it…


For months now, I have been looking forward to it…

First of all, waiting for the bitch to come into heat (and guess what… when you’re waiting for

it, she surely will be late, as she was!). Waiting for a good mating. Waiting for the positive news that she’s pregnant. Waiting for...Read More »